Recycling Old Sports Equipment ideas


Generally, recycling is the process of reusing old and discarded materials to produce a new and unique product that may be totally, different from the original equipment. However, in this context recycling old sports equipment to create and construct new and useful items that are different from the former objects.

For example:

  • Old skis could be recycled to make jewelries like rings
  • Skateboards could also be recycled to make beautiful wine racks
  • Shelves could be made from recycled skateboard decks
  • Chicks could be made from reused golf balls
  • Old basketballs could enjoying a second chance as they are upcycled to make bags
  • You can use old stockings to pack your clothes
  • Wine barrels could be used to make handmade skateboards, and other recyclable equipment.

Old Sports equipment

Old sports equipment refers to all the athletic tools that are being used in sporting activities in the past that are worn out. The equipment is no longer useful for sporting activities. You will see equipment like balls, skateboards, skis, and others.


These are plans of action conceived in the mind and transferred into reality by careful implementation process.

Recycling old sporting equipment ideas

These are some ideas conceived by some persons on how to convert discarded sporting equipment into other useful items. And if you prefer to immediately get rid of the waste, visit this website. Some of the old sporting equipment recycled here are

    1. Old skis recycled into rings

  • This is a process of giving old skis and snowboards a second chance by collecting them and upcycling into beautiful jewelries and rings.

  • 2. Old skateboards upcycled and reused to make wine racks

  • This recycling project involves the use of old skateboards to make beautiful and fanciful wine racks.

  • 3. Old Skateboard decks recycled to make fanciful shelves

  • You can use old skateboards to make fanciful shelves where your valuables and decorative ornaments could be kept.

  • 4. Chicks could be made from reused and upcycled golf balls

  • Old golf balls could be used to make chicks that will be useful for decorations and as toys for children’s entertainment.

  • 5. Old stockings could be used to pack your shirts

  • Do you need some extra shirts that your bag cannot accommodate? You can use your old stockings to pack some extra shirts if the bag is not big enough to accommodate them.

  • 6. Old basketballs could be upcycled and reused to make beautiful bags

  • This is borne out of the second chance philosophy; if human beings could enjoy a second chance then basketballs could also get a second chance to be recycled into fanciful bags.

  • 7. Old skateboards decks recycled into coffee table and desks

  • You can also make use of old skateboard decks to construct new tables and decks for your coffee and tea. This is a wonderful innovation by DecksPad.

  • 8. Wine barrels could be recycled to handmade skateboards

  • This is a unique innovation from the Barrel board experience project. You can use wine barrels to construct some handmade skateboards


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