Rio Olympics and the Environment





Rio de Janeiro is the second most populous city in Brazil and the sixth most populous in the Americas. This city is synonymous with sports; therefore, it is the hosting place for the 2016 Olympics games. The games started with an opening ceremony on August 5th, with an environmentally friendly message to participants and everyone. However, the green message was supposed to be for a blue environment but the reverse was the case.

The Olympics

This is an international sports and athletics festival usually held every four years in different countries. Meanwhile, the Olympic Games for this year 2016, was held in Rio, Brazil.


Environment is the natural place or surroundings where human beings and other organisms live. In addition, the circumstances and conditions that affect human behavior and development are regarded as environment. However, we are looking at the Rio Olympics and the environment during this period.

Rio de Janeiro is supposed to be one of the most beautiful, peaceful, and secured environment for the 2016 Olympic Games. Nevertheless, it is marked with several crises, health hazards, and environmental challenges like polluted waters, bacteria, zika, golf course trampling on nature, Jaguar killing, public transportation mishaps, and the danger of environmental activism.

Polluted waters

During the bidding for the hosting of the games in 2009, the Olympic organizers promised to tidy up the city of refuse and sewage but could not carry out effective sanitation. The Guanabara Bay, where the sailing will be held is littered with rubbish and sewage. You could even see parts of human bodies floating on the venues of the sports. There is no significant improvement in the cleanliness of the water as promised by Brazilian authorities.


A thorough check and evaluation of the Rio’s waterways reveals the presence of one billion viruses deposited by human sewage in a liter of water. Samples of water from South California beach and Rodrigo de Freitas Lake taken for the tests revealed that the waters are unsafe for boating or swimming.


The World Health Organization has declared an international public health emergency due to zika fears. The mosquito borne virus has spread all over the Southern American country making qualified golfers especially, to withdraw from the summer games.

Transportation mishaps

Recession has crippled the municipal’s government plans to improve on the social and basic amenities of the area. Therefore, the ugly traffic congestion usually experienced in the city is very frustrating and this will greatly damage the thrills and pageantry of the games.


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